To people

Oh people
How could you be all so sane
all walk in a line everyday
Wake up the same way
Use words the right way
How could you say things so right so clean
Like it is the same theatre scene?

How do you folks walk so straight
So tidy in one direction
Every single day

oh how do you keep on your plans
You made them only far far in the past
You persist and your ideas last..


How do you calm down people
What is your trick
How could you not even get sick

I watch you
and you really keep every step in the same length
In the same trail

I see you and you put on the same shirts
And you can look the same
Shake hands
Say Hi
Dont you ever forget each others name?!
Why is it to me so strange.. so lame?


Oh people
I see you everyday
In the street
Are you all ok?
Dont you ever want to just lose it and play?
Now you call it cliche what I say

But please
Tell me why
You make feel
Like the only one who lost her way
Like the one who cant stop or stay

And I have never had any normal day?

I began where you did
ended up lost
What is that I missed out?
What was the fault?

Anyways it might be too late
I wish you all keep doing great But I cant wait
Somehow I even like this debate

But give me a sign, wave a hand
if you ever thaught the same
write me back
If you ever questioned the game



What are hormons?
Crazy little evils in me sometimes
That without them I cant be a woman?


Everytime I see her,
After a long time of not thinking where I come from,
I remeber,
I was a butterfly.

The Crown

So prince and princesses everywhere
Robbing the crown from each other
Dancing with it a little

Till their existence loses the meaning

Who would want to live without a crown?

The day

What are you waiting for
What day is it
For which you drag yourself over minutes
What is that day you are waiting for?


So I took the train

And came here again

This where I am supposed to come.

If not here, I did not know where to go.


Fear of missing out.

I asked Felipe what is that makes him worried about moving to states for such a short time?

FOMO they call it, he said: Fear of missing out.

I was not here anymore, I began thinking about all the things I might have missed out….


what is that struggle
when I have lines I want to break into them
and when I break into them I begin drawing lines.